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Why Robotic Pool Cleaners?

      Robotic pool cleaners have been servicing people and their pools for decades. NYC Pool Supplies' robotic pool cleaners feature exceptional quality and durability at affordable prices.


     1.) Time Saving - Just set your cleaner and watch it go to work. No need to hire any pool cleaning maintenance service, or to stand at the vacuum yourself. Most cleaners have timers pre-installed, so get it running and continue relaxing by the pool. 


     2.) Easy Setup & Maintenance - Setting up a robotic pool cleaner takes almost no time at all. For example, the 8streme Black Pearl can be up and running out of the box in less than five minutes. Robotic pool cleaners are easy to clean and maintain. Once a unit is ready to vacuum, they usually have several hour cleaning cycles, so you can put your feet up and relax until the cleaning's done. 


     3.) Money Saving - According to a pool cleaning service can cost between $60 to $90 per hour, with the first visit being a two-to-three hour expenditure. Add that to weekly cleanings and other maintenance, and that cost can run into the thousands. Most robotic pool cleaners perform the same job for a fraction of what it cost to hire a pool service.


     4.) How do they work? Robotic pool cleaners work by using underwater jets to propel them through the water. Their brushes can scrub the bottoms of the pool, and some units even scrub the walls. Debris from the pool such as dirt and leaves can be vacuumed up usually from the carriages underside. After the cleaner is done with its cycle, their debris baskets can just be rinsed and re-used again.


Inground Robotic Pool Cleaner